Beta Monkey Jazz Essentials Vol 3

Beta Monkey has announced the release of Jazz Essentials 3, a versatile collection of live acoustic jazz drum tracks delivering over 3 GB of multitrack jazz drumming performances.

With the warm and natural tones of an all-maple Gretsch drum kit, this downloadable track pack offers fifteen drum performances of several popular jazz standards song forms. Using both sticks and brushes, there’s a take to inspire any jazz artist or songwriter.

Each Jazz Essentials III drum take offers seven (7) discrete drum tracks for complete control over the mix. All drums were recorded in a single tracking session for the ultimate in mixing and matching versatility. Want to comp different sections of the various drum performances to suit your music exactly as you want? You can combine whatever your music needs with over an hour of live and musical jazz drumming ready to be imported into any DAW software compatible with 24-bit WAV format audio.

Featuring a vintage Gretsch maple drumkit and a slew of Zildjian brass, we’ve recorded the drums as if you’re hearing them in a small New York City jazz club. Always swinging hard, Jazz Essentials III features traditional straight jazz as well as jazz-latin bossa nova styles. Import, mix, and play along with these jazz drum tracks in all recording and DAW software. Get an inspiring, intimate club date jazz vibe and get to what you love most: making music.

Whether you’re creating backing tracks, composing new jazz tracks, or looking for more inspired improve sessions, Jazz Essentials III will deliver the musical and intimately-recorded drums you’ve always wanted.

Jazz Essentials Vol 3 is available for purchase for $49.99 USD.

More information: Beta Monkey / Jazz Essentials 3