Big Fish Audio has released Epic Drums and Mirrorball: Silky House Music, two new sample libaries.

Big Fish Audio Epic Drums

Epic Drums is a collection 40 construction kits featuring high-energy, cinematic drum and rhythm beds.

Each kit features multiple loops and extended performances, employing an array of percussive instruments from Japanese taikos to ethnic drums, orchestral percussion, massive toms, field snares, metals, effect percussion, and a lot more.

Epic Drums features

  • 1267 WAV loops on disc.
  • Construction Kits – 40 construction kits from 65 to 180 BPM.
  • All of the construction kits contain a full mix and all the elements broken out into individual loops.
  • Instruments Include:
    • Drums: Big Drums, Big Hits, Gran Casa, Massive Toms, Bass Drum, Big Toms, Epic Toms, Frame Drum, Roto Toms.
    • Ethnic: Taikos, Darbuka, Djembe, Gong, China Cymbals, Bachi, Dholak, Shaku Sticks, Talking Drum.
    • Orchestral: Cymbals, Piatti, Snares, Timpani, Ride.
    • Misc Percussion: Congos, Bongos, Synth Drums, Cymbal FX, Various Metals, Synth Toms, Wind Chimes, Piano FX.

Big Fish Audio Mirrorball: Silky House Music
Mirrorball: Silky House Music is a sample collection geared towards disco house with a touch of R&B pop.

Mmm, mmm, it doesn’t get any better than this! It’s almost chocolaty, it’s so tasty. Ranging from slower radio-friendly tracks to full-tempo club house, all with an extra helping of sugar. The rhythms are strong and propulsive, and the basslines make it hard to stay seated. Go ahead, dance around your studio if you want! You can kiss your low-carb diet goodbye with these 32 construction kits. All the drum tracks and hits are included, so you can forge your own beats and twist and turn the loops however you’d like. Mirrorball is truly a silky house experience.

Mirrorball: Silky House Music features

  • 4.36 GB on Disc (1.8GB of 24-bit WAV content).
  • Construction Kits – 32 construction kits from 100 to 135 BPM.
  • Each kit contains a main demo mix and every element broken out, plus folders of the drum hits and drum tracks.
  • Drum tracks give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix.
  • Instruments include: drums, bass, organs, strings, synths, fx, horns, rhodes, pads, electric pianos, chimes, percussion, moog, vox.

Both libraries are available in Apple Loops/REX/WAV/RMX/Acid formats for $99.95 USD each.

Visit Big Fish Audio for more information and audio demos.