Bitwig intros Community Controllers


Bitwig has announced Community Controllers, a new section of its website dedicated to Bitwig Studio’s groundbreaking integration with virtually any hardware controller.

Bitwig Community Controllers

The Bitwig “Open Controller API,” an open-source platform makes this possible using JavaScript which allows anyone from hardware manufacturers to Bitwig Studio users to create, share, and collaborate on powerful controller scripts, for the best possible integration of controller hardware and Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig has also announced that its Bitwig Studio EDU License will be released on June 11th, 2014.

Whether you’re a student designing sounds for production or performance, an educator developing an inspiring course curriculum, or an administrator supplying the latest tools and workflow to ensure your institution remains competitive, Bitwig will offer support with a cost-effective solution for purchasing Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Studio EDU Pricing details are as follows:
209 EUR, USD 289.99 (MSRP) 269.99 (MAP)

Additionally, the first major Bitwig Studio Update is on schedule to offer new features, continuing to eliminate the boundaries between your creativity and workflow. A release candidate is available to download.

More information: Bitwig

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If this company expects to make a dent in the market, it would seem logical to offer more affordable versions to none professionals not just students or schools like all major DAW companies do. This is the total cost USD. Total amount: USD $418.49

How many bedroom producers are going to pay such an amount with all the Daws with an established track record being available that offer different versions @ different price points? I’ll pass!


I’m all for lower prices, but unlike EDU which can be verified, how are they going to check whether you’re a non-professional… I think Bitwig is trying to appeal to Ableton Live users. The standard Live 9 is 349 EUR which is about $475 USD, so I’d say that’s fair competition. Of course Live is a lot more mature, but still. How many bedroom producers are using Ableton Live? Quite a lot I reckon. I mainly use FL Studio myself. Bought that for $199 at version 5, now using version 11 and never paid a dime for all the updates,… Read more »


Starting my comment with FL studio… I also started with version 5 producer for $89 at Guitar Center- because version 6 was just released. I then updated to FL6 for free because the box version came with 1 free update! I then purchased the lifetime update later. As for Abelton Live and Bitwig… Live has several versions available such as the lite, intro, standard and suite versions. At nearly $500 for the full, I’m certain there are a number of warez users! Cakewalk now offers Sonar UN-crippled across all it’s versions. The only difference is the bundled products offered with… Read more »


Ah, yes you’re totally right. I think having to maintain multiple editions takes more dev time, perhaps it will take a few version updates before they will be able to offer this. If I’m not mistaken Ableton started doing this around Live 4.