Bitwig has announced Polarity Tools, a free sound library by Polarity. The pack includes a total of 47 presets, with instruments, effects, note effects, and utilities.

Bitwig Polarity Tools

The package comes with some long, evolving sample sounds with interesting artifacts, as well as deep live-sampling patches.

“Bitwig Studio is the only place where I can easily switch between producing traditional songs and creating semi-modular tools.”

Polarity is a musician, sound designer and Bitwig Studio wizard based in Berlin. He has been an active member of the Bitwig community for a long time and produced a number of excellent video tutorials. In this brand new package, part of our artist collection, Polarity showcases the high quality of his sound design skills and artistry.

Polarity Tools is available now, install it from the package manager. You’ll need a Bitwig Studio 2 license and the latest version of Bitwig Studio installed.

More information: Bitwig