It Might Get Loud Productions has announced the release of a collection of MIDI grooves for black metal music production.

Black Metal Essentials MIDI pack gives you the essentials of Old School Black Metal Drumming.

You’ll find blast beats, you’ll find triplet beats, you’ll find the regular beats, you’ll also find some signature beats such as Pagan Fears, Freezing Moon, Hellhammer Blast and Varg Beat (beats we couldn’t name any other way to be honest). We also included a handful of fills.
You’ll also find cymbal swells, crescendos etc.

Black Metal Essentials MIDI features

  • Over 70 different beats.
  • Over 23 different fills.
  • All drums on Black Metal Essentials were played by Ron D. Rock.
  • Work best around 80-160bpm (Beats recorded at 120bpm).
  • Follows GM Midi Mapping.
  • Easily navigable files.

The Black Metal Essentials MIDI Groove Pack is available for purchase for $15 USD.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions / Black Metal Essentials MIDI