Blakus has updated the pocketBlakus solo cello sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt to version 1.6.

pocketBlakus is a sampled, expressive solo cello virtual instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher (v.1.6). There is also a version available for HALion (v.1.5).

Blakus pocketBlakus

Changes in pocketBlakus v1.6 (Kontakt)

  • Completely new GUI (graphical user interface), where you can adjust settings for Attack, Release, Noises Vol & Amount (finger noises), Round Robin (Cycle and Random), Legato / Polyphonic wwitch, Legato Preset, Velocity Curve, and Credits.
  • Legato improvement with smoother legato transitions in the L-Legato preset, and simulated portamento transitions for both L-Legato and B-Legato presets were added.
  • Additional release samples for both dynamic layers, fixed the issue with release samples triggering on note beginnings. Release samples are not triggered after the samples naturally end anymore, so you don’t hear the “release noise” twice. The attack of Release Samples is affected by CC1 position, so they start smoother when you release a quieter note with low CC1 position.
  • Keyboard Colors: unused keys are black, the keys of the cello range are blue and the keyswitches are yellow.
  • Keyswitch notes are one octave higher, so they don’t interfere with the (hopefully extending) cello range.
    • C6 – Switch between Legato and Polyphonic mode
    • D6 – Switch between L-Legato and B-Legato preset
    • E6 – Turn on/off Round Robin script
  • CC1 (Mod wheel) Default Value of CC1 changed from 0 to 127, so when you load a patch, you don’t have to move CC1 up to hear the cello in it’s full volume.

The pocketBlakus is available to download at no charge from VST Buzz.

More information: pocketBlakus