Blue Cat MB-7 Mixer 2.0

Blue Cat Audio has announced the release of Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.0, a complete rewrite of the multiband processing plug-in, now including multiband VST hosting capabilities.

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer is a unique plug-in that splits the signal into several frequency bands and lets you mix and process them as if they were separate tracks.

In addition to the ability to host up to 4 VST plug-ins per band and thus transform any regular plug-in into a frequency-aware processor, Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer has now a brand new modular user interface, with lots of new features and enhancements: a spectrogram display, a new presets manager, multiple display sizes, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and more.

Changes in MB-7 Mixer v2.0

  • New Features
    • Brand new, fully customizable user interface
      • New look and feel.
      • Show only what you need.
      • New color or greyscale overlayed spectrogram view.
      • Multiple display sizes.
      • Customizable gain range.
      • Improved readability.
      • Animated transitions.
    • Multiband VST Hosting
      • Apply VST effects to a selected frequency range.
      • Add up to 4 VST plug-ins on each band.
      • Pre and post fader plug-ins slots.
      • Integrated latency compensation engine, with real time host reporting.
      • Optional undo/redo integration.
      • VST Presets Management.
      • Bypass inserted plug-ins individually.
    • New integrated presets manager
      • Load/save presets from the plug-in’s user interface.
      • Organize presets with folders.
      • Customize the default preset.
      • Exchange presets easily.
      • Automation range and response curve can now be customized for each parameter (in and out).
      • Automation and MIDI settings (channel, MIDI learn etc.) are now accessible from the main user interface.
  • Improvements
    • New presets to get started faster.
    • The windows installer now automatically detects the most appropriate VST install path.
    • License is now shared between plug-ins types (register only once for all formats).
    • Improved value display in fine edit window.
    • Improved parameters display on control surfaces.
  • Optimizations and Performance Improvements
    • Improved parameters precision (now stored as 64-bit).
    • More compact presets format (uses less space and loads faster).
    • Smaller binaries on Mac (dropped PowerPC support).
  • Bug Fixes
    • (RTAS) Fixed parameters control with EUCON control surfaces in Pro Tools.
    • Fixed user interface issues in Final Cut Pro X.
    • Fixed keyboard stealing issue in Digital Performer 7 on Mac.
    • Fixed copy/paste keyboard shortcut issues in the registration panel on Mac.

MB-7 Mixer 2 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 74 EUR / $96 USD until September 30th, 2013 (regular 99 EUR / $129 USD). The upgrade from MB-7 Mixer 1 is 19 EUR / $25 USD. The plug-in is also included in various bundles, which are also 20% off until September 30th.

More information: Blue Cat Audio / MB-7 Mixer