Blue Cat Audio Triple EQ Series v3.0

Blue Cat Audio has released version 3.0 of the Triple EQ series, a set of three hybrid parametric EQ / shapeable filters plugins for Windows.

The new Triple EQ 3.0 plugin is now free, and the Stereo and Widening versions are available for a special introduction price, separately or within the TripleEQ Pack bundle.

New in Triple EQ series 3.0

  • New GUI design and Blue Cat’s Skinnning language 1.4.3 support:
    • Streamlined user interface with simplified controls for optimal workflow.
    • Zooming: adjust the dB range of the EQ and the response curve graph.
    • Frequency response measurement: new mouse coordinates display.
    • Window Opacity Management: make the plugin window transparent.
    • New toolbar to access the main functionalities.
  • Smooth bypass: activate/deactivate the plugin with absolutely no noise.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Import/Export presets in a host independant format: you can now share presets between the directX and VST versions.
  • Enlarged the filters frequency range.
  • Performance improvements: Faster skin loading and reduced memory consumption when several instances are loaded.

The Triple EQ Pack bundle is now available for the introductory price of 39.20 EUR / $55.66 USD (Stereo Triple EQ and Widening Triple EQ can also be purchased separately).

Blue Cat has also announced a price drop on their entire catalog, to follow the USD exchange rate (up to 20% reduction on some plugins).

Visit Blue Cat Audio for more information.