Blue Cat Audio has released an update for its multi-effects processor which can also host third party plugins.

Version 2.65 of Blue Cat’s PatchWork brings the ability to oversample processing for individual plugins (up to 16x). It is also possible to choose custom colors for all plugin slots, and the macro parameters introduced in v2.6 can now mix PatchWork’s own parameters with hosted plugins’ parameters.

It is possible to chain effects in series or create up to 8 parallel chains that can be activated independently. This lets you create your favorite effects or instruments configurations within the plug-in, without the need for multiple busses. These configurations can be saved as presets and recalled instantly, or shared with multiple DAWs, using any plug-in format. Use the built-in audio effects to add color to your own plug-in chains.

Changes in Patchwork v2.65

  • Plug-ins oversampling: it is now possible to oversample processing for every plug-in (up to 16x).
  • Custom Colors: Each individual plug-in instance can now be assigned a custom color.
  • Updated 120 factory presets and all built-in plug-ins with custom colors.
  • PatchWork can now use its own parameters in macros, mixed together with loaded plug-ins parameters.
  • Graphical user interface refresh performance improvements, especially on Mac.
  • Improved resampling when the application starts streaming audio as a network server with Blue Cat’s Connector.
  • Fixed custom tone maps presets not properly saved for some built-in plug-ins (Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Sweep Filter, Wave Shaper, Freq Shifter, Wah, EQ).
  • Fixed stuck notes with some VST3 instruments.
  • Fixed some VST3 instruments not producing any sound (like Toontrack instruments).
  • Ableton Live 11: Fixed PatchWork VST3 MIDI input not detected and PatchWork Synth VST3 not loading.

Blue Cat’s PatchWork for Windows and Mac is on sale for 89 USD/EUR until April 14th, 2023 at the Blue Cat Audio store and from distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.