Blue Cat Stereo Phaser

Blue Cat Audio has released version 2.3 of Stereo Phaser, a stereo analog-style phasing plug-in in DirectX and VST formats for Windows.

Changes in Blue Cat’s Stereo Phaser v2.3

  • Undo/Redo.
  • Load/Save presets in a host-independent format: you can now share presets between the directX and VST versions.
  • New toolbar to access main functionalities.
  • Smooth bypass: activate/deactivate the effect with absolutely no noise.
  • Misc user interface enhancements.
  • Improved parameters display in host application and settings window.
  • Installer now registers the VST plugin to avoid registration issues in some host applications.
  • Performance improvements:
    • Faster skins loading.
    • Reduced memory consumption when several instances are loaded.

Stereo Phaser is available for 26.10 EUR / $44.10 USD for a limited time (10% off). A demo version can be downloaded here.

Visit Blue Cat Audio for more information.