Bo Clausen from Denmark has released a Bottle Instrument, a free sampler instrument made with 15 different bottles.

Each bottle has its own natural pitch (no tuning with water/wine/beer) and the fine tuning of each sample is done in the sampler.

There are 6 different blow articulations:

  1. Sustain
  2. Tongue Sustain
  3. Staccato (3 x ALT/RoundRobin)
  4. Tongue Staccato (4 x ALT/RoundRobin)
  5. Overblow Long
  6. Overblow Short

There’s also a spoon hitting the bottles called Metal Hit (3 x ALT/RoundRobin). Each articulation has a .fxp program and one instrument uses all of the blow articulations, Bo’s Big Bottles.

Bo's Bottle Instrument

Bo’s Big Bottles uses all of these bottles (click image to enlarge)

In Bo’s Big Bottles the Staccato samples are used as attack and morph into the Sustain samples. The ModWheel is crossfading between Staccato/Tongue Staccato attack and you can adjust the volume of the Staccato/Tongue Staccato attack using Quick/Midi Controllers.

When you turn PitchWheel a little up you add Overblow and all the way up it’s only Overblow you’ll hear. The Overblow also uses the ModWheel to crossfade between Long/Short Overblow and you can adjust the volume of the Overblow using Quick/Midi Control.

Quick Control/KeySwitch is switching between Sustain and Tongue Sustain.

Bottle Instrument includes a Halion 3 and Kontakt 2 version ( .fxp and .nki + open .wav files ).