BOOM Library has announced the release of its brand new Cinematic Expressions series of sound libraries designed to extends the range of your trailer sound effects palette.

Where other libraries focus on massive hits and impacts, we’ve gone the other way to have the perfect sounds that fit all the spaces in-between. With newly recorded BRAAMS, STINGERS, TAILS, WHOOSHES, and PINGS with a Construction Kit and a vivid Designed edition. There is over 19 GB worth of smooth yet growling sound effects.

This library includes an entire orchestra of sound, using all the tonal properties of violins, cellos, flutes, saxophones, guitars and more. But not only! We’ve created a library of expressive sound, not just expressive instruments. Lion growls modified into BRAAMS, metal scrapes into mystical PINGS, and even squeaky dog toys into powerful RISERS.

The Cinematic Expressions Construction Kit, Designed edition and the bundle of both are on sale at a 20% intro discount until May 17th, 2022.

More information: BOOM Library / Cinematic Expressions