BOOM Library has just released its explosive new effects library Brute Force.

The audio files for this sound library were recorded with the idea of layering, twisting and mangling; destroying sounds by accompanying them with twisted sound waves, carving them into a dark and bellicose beast of audio.

“We went crazy with compression and distortion, something we usually try to avoid when creating our construction kits,” Michael Schwendler, sound designer at BOOM Library, says. “This time we intentionally cranked everything up as much as possible, the whole idea behind this library is to push things to the extreme.”

Designed to deliver crushing blows of aggression to sound projects everywhere, Brute Force contains 1,171 sounds and 216 files. They can be used alone or layered to make more complex and powerful sounds.

The sample library is available at a 20% intro discount until September 21st, priced $95.20 USD / 79.20 EUR. It is regularly $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: BOOM Library