BOOM Library has introduced a new sample library featuring a cutting-edge sound collection designed to make your audience feel the momentum, pace, and cinematic power of your project.

Delivering astonishing clarity and thundering intensity, Cinematic Motion contains transitions, slow and fast whooshes, zaps, and stunning particle sounds to make creative sound design as advanced as possible.

Introducing the ultimate cutting-edge sound effects library for your next trailer or project: CINEMATIC MOTION! This powerful collection by BOOM Library is designed to add movement and momentum to your project and make your audience feel the excitement and power of the cinema. They can be used individually, but their true design power is in layering, making existing acoustic movements appear faster and more distinctive than before.

With over 7.7 GB of .wav files, this library includes sound effects for transitions, slow and fast whooshes, zaps, and particles sounds that will inject so much energy into your project you’ll have to give it some water so it doesn’t overheat.

Offered at an introductory 20% discount, Cinematic Motion is available in construction kit and designed editions, as well as a bundle of both. The offer expires March 30th, 2023.

More information: BOOM Library