BOOM Library has announced the release of its new sample library featuring the sounds of medieval hand-held weapons. Medieval Melee pounds and smashes its way through nearly 20 GB of data, making it one of BOOM Library’s largest collections to date.

All sounds were pristinely recorded in stereo using high-quality Sennheiser, Sanken CO-100K and Schoeps mics.

The Construction Kit pack includes 946 files of medieval combat sounds, covering weapons from swords and axes, to polearms and war hammers. It also includes sounds from a wooden kite shield and a metal buckler.

The Designed Kit was created with enhanced realism in mind, making it a true drag-and-drop collection. Coming with several “gore” attributes, it brings a true level of realism for any grotesque sound of slashing or stabbing you might need. It also has the added feature of having separate tracks for bodies and tails (where possible), giving the user enhanced control over their creative needs.

Medieval Melee is on sale at an introductory 20% discount for the next two weeks. The regular prices are 179 USD/EUR for the Construction Kit, 119 USD/EUR for Designed, and 229 USD/EUR for the bundle of both.

More information: BOOM Library