BOOM Library has announced an update to the BOOM ONE sound fx library, adding 525 new sounds of clocks, boats and ships to its subscription-based collection of original, high quality sound effects.

The boat and ships part envelopes the entire nautical experience, from the sounds of waves lapping against the side of a boat or ship, to that of kayaks and canoes slicing through the waters. In addition, we also captured various other common boat sounds like sails flapping in the wind and that gentle clanking sound the pulley makes when hitting against the mast. The sea and the docks are a true sonic playground, and an easy inspiration for hundreds of insightful recordings that will no doubt find their way to any of your coastal or sea-based scenes in your next film, game, or podcast.

With the clocks, we tinkered and prodded a variety of mechanisms in our studio. We explored huge wall clocks and small alarm clocks to discover all the sonic variety and profundity of timekeeping.

The new update is now available for all BOOM ONE subscribers from their download page and in the BOOM Loader. New customers can purchase BOOM ONE for $399 USD for a limited time (regular $499 USD).

More information: BOOM Library