Boomplug BoomComb

Boomplug has released version 1.1 of BoomComb, a free tuneable comb filter effect plug-in for Windows.

The new 1.1 version has been rebuilt so that the GUI version can now support windows XP. Also there is a load of new presets provided by the talented Groove Criminals. As well as that the feedback control has been changed into a decay control to control the length of the resonation. Along with all this there are many bug fixes and optimizations.

Changes in BoomComb v1.1

  • Changed Feedback to decay control.
  • GUI Framework now renders to a back RenderTarget.
  • New internal Preset system and selector.
  • Fixed memory Leak with loading of PNGs.
  • GUI Framework also uses GDI for XP support.
  • Presets and preset selector.
  • Fixed fine tune control while moving knob.
  • Fixed exception on release of factory resources.
  • Many other fixes and optimizations.

BoomComb is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Boomplug