Bootsy announces NastyXTC


Bootsy has announced NastyXTC, an Xciting Transient Controller plug-in for Windows.

NastyXTC features four separate transient controllers plus an additional ‘warmth’ tape like processor and is aimed to enhance the sonic perception of any kind of audio material without that much digital artifacts known from some traditional exciters or enhancers.

Bootsy NastyXTC

NastyXTC features

  • Four transient controllers, basically frequency and transient controlled EQ’s where just the actual dialed in frequency gets saturated depending on the transient information of the actual audio content. The EQ’s audio content (and nothing else) gets saturated but just depending on the transient information of the incoming audio.
  • Sophisticated M/S processing per band allows for stereo field processing and the overall stereo imaging can be controlled by increasing the side signal processing of the audio content which then occurs frequency dependent.
  • ‘Warmth’ processor, which is basically an ultra-fast tape style high frequency compressor. The HF level loss is compensated by “filling in” some K2 harmonic audio content. The result is a very subtle HF smoothing which is able to polish some uneven artifacts such as too much pronounced hihats or sibilant vocals.
  • Works as an unobtrusive de-esser easily as well.
  • Capable of finishing uneven mixes as well as polishing individual recordings/tracks in any mixing situation.

NastyXTC will be available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC in Q2/2009.

Visit Variety of Sound for more information.

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joe mrao
joe mrao

can’t wait!
sounds just awesome!

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

It’s no way this thing can be freeware! Is Bootsy a MAD scientist?

I wonder if this is SSE2 only [epic-verb] which caused some issues with those who only have SSE?