XLN Audio has released a new ADpack for its Addictive Drums 2 virtual drum instrument that brings the world’s finest drums straight into your music.

Boutique Mallets is the first ADpak played with both felt mallets and sticks, providing the perfect drum kit for organic mixes and cinematic soundscapes. It was meticulously recorded in Soundtrade Studios renowned big room, delivering a spacious, warm and dark sound.

The shells of this boutique Wacco kit are handcrafted from heat treated maple with a natural satin oil finish and features maple hoops with rope tuners. Equipped with extra thick drum heads they achieve a unique warm tone with a big and dense attack. This bespoke drum kit is matched with a set of hand-picked thin and dry cymbals from the Meinl Byzance series. For maximum versatility, this kit was recorded playing with both mallets and sticks.

Carefully captured in the renowned big room in Soundtrade Studios for that spacious, warm sound – perfect for organic mixes and cinematic soundscapes. Boutique Mallets comes packed with great presets to get you to a flying start. To boost your inspiration even further, combine the Boutique Mallets ADpak with the authentic performances of the Mallet Grooves MIDIpak. It’s a perfect match!

The ADpak is available from Plugin Boutique for 79.95 EUR.

More information: XLN Audio / Boutique Mallets