Brainworx bx_hybrid 2.0

Brainworx has released bx_hybrid, a hi-resolution mono, multi-mono & stereo 11-band EQ.

bx_hybrid features

  • 11 band mono & stereo EQs for mixing and mastering purposes.
  • New Hi-Resolution filters for unrivaled sound quality, 20 Hz – 26(!) kHz, even in 44.1 k sessions.
  • Low Shelving & High Shelving filters.
  • Bell filters, Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, Notch filters.
  • Handling all of the ICON’s center section EQ features PLUS: Sweepable Bass- and Presence-Shifter EQs. Shifters can be controlled by joysticks (i.e. Digidesign ICON surround panners).
  • New and innovative Auto Listen Modes.
  • M/S inside, M/S Stereo Width control and M/S Mono Maker (Mod 2.0 only).
  • Dual Mono layout for Linked & Unlinked control of each idividual feature (Mod 2.0 only).
  • Individual Bypass switches for every feature.
  • Extensive individual metering for L/R & M/S levels (Mod 2.0 only).
  • Balance & Phase Correlation meters (Mod 2.0 only).
  • Solo L & R Buttons – listen to only the L(eft) or R(ight) channel of a stereo mix / signal on both speakers (Mod 2.0 only).
  • Switchable EQ panel with multi-mode EQ display (actual EQ curves, bypassed curves, L&R channels and Auto Listen Modes).
  • Phase reverse switch (Mod 1.0 only).
  • Fully automatable.

bx_hybrid is available in VST and RTAS formats (AU/TDM coming April 2008) and costs 258 EUR.

Visit Brainworx for more information.