Bram Bos has announced the release of a 25th Anniversary Edition of the Hammerhead drum instrument from the late ’90s, now revamped and available for iOS.

The little shark is back. After a quarter of a century, I am presenting a new – mobile – reinterpretation of the original Hammerhead Rhythm Station concept. It’s still simple, it’s still fun. It still features those mid-90s groovebox sounds. But this time, it is portable, it integrates in your mobile plugin ecosystem, and it comes with more creative possibilities.

Hammerhead features

  • Dozens of classic sounds and loops you remember from the good old days.
  • Import your own WAVs.
  • Built-in simple drum synth for designing your own percussive sounds.
  • Supports polyrhythms and polymeters.
  • Runs standalone, or as an AUv3 (Audio Unit) plugin in any host.
  • Universal app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), fully responsive design.
  • Trigger sounds – or entire patterns – using MIDI.
  • Separate outputs for each channel (in hosts which support multi-out AUv3).
  • MIDI output from the AUv3 (in hosts which support MIDI AUv3).
  • Comes with a ton of nostalgia and great memories – or hours of fun, in case you’re new to Hammerhead.

The app is available for purchase for $7.99 USD from the App Store.

More information: Bram Bos