Bram Bos has announced the release of Mononoke, an expressive drone synthesizer app for iOS/AUv3.

The unconventional 8 voice polyphonic, 2 part multitimbral synthesizer is designed to compose evolving soundscapes and musical textures.

The synthesizer engines (each of the two sections has its own independent engine) have relatively simple controls, which influence a complex system of many invisible, interconnected LFOs. You never ‘control’ Mononoke, but rather steer it in a certain direction.

The result is a constantly evolving sonic entity, yet with a distinct signature sound (in other words: this is not your bread-and-butter general purpose synthesizer).

Mononoke features

  • Audio Unit (AUv3) plugin.
  • 8 voice polyphony, 2 independent engines with 4 voices each.
  • Compatible with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) and MIDI.
  • MIDI Input and Output (only available when used as an Audio Unit plugin).
  • Limited standalone mode for jamming (full screen, no connectivity).
  • 8 independently tunable performance pads for expressive interaction.
  • Universal, fully scalable to any screen size, supports fullscreen mode in AU hosts.
  • Freely tunable voices, or quantized to semitones (with overall finetuning).
  • iOS10 (MIDI/MPE output from the plugin requires iOS11) or higher.

Mononoke is available from the App Store for $8.99 USD.

More information: Ruismaker