IK Multimedia has announced a promotion on its AXE I/O or AXE I/O SOLO audio interfaces, offering 300 Gear Credits worth 224.99 USD/EUR for free through March 31st, 2020.


Use your 300 Gear Credits to stock your virtual amp room, pick up some T-RackS Processors, or grab a few artist featured AmpliTube collections you’ve been eyeing. With the already included AmpliTube 4 Deluxe, 300 additional Gear Credits will ensure you have enough to fully stock your virtual gear collection.

300 Gear Credits gives you plenty to spend in the AmpliTube Custom Shop so you can pick up the AmpliTube Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection, AmpliTube Brian May, and more! These credits can also be used in the T-RackS Custom Shop to pick up a number of different mixing and mastering tools.

With AXE I/O and AXE I/O SOLO you can transform your tone with onboard features like Z-TONE impedance control, PURE and JFET input stages, an Active/Passive instrument preamp, and more right out of the box. Paired with your collection of virtual gear, this setup will have you rocking whatever sound you wish to play.

The AXE I/O is available for 349.99 USD/EUR; AXE I/O SOLO is available to preorder for 249.99 USD/EUR. Prices ex. taxes.

More information: IK Multimedia