BV Music BV28 Vampire

BV Music has updated BV28 Vampire, a freeware synth made with SynthMaker.

BV28 features

  • 3 Wavetable Osc, 1 Noise Osc
  • Wavetable Pitch modulator
  • 2 Wavetable Lfo’s, 2 Step Lfo’s
  • 2 Filters
  • ADSR (with 10 presets), 2 ADSRV (Filter cutoff)
  • 5 Envelope followers
  • Effects: Echo, Delay, Flangus, Parametric Eq, Gate
  • Mono switch
  • Master Octave Select and Wave Select
  • Scope analizer
  • 10 Presets

Each Osc’s output is wired to a left filter and a right filter. The Pan knob now acts as a channel send, routing the signal to either filter. Each filter then has it’s own modulation sources and envelope followers.

Visit BV Music for more information and a link to download BV28 Vampire.