Cableguys has announced an update to the ShaperBox 3 rhythmic effects plugin for creative mixing and rhythmic inspiration.

Version 3.1 adds a new Oscilloscope Tool to help visualize the dynamics of your music and find problems in your mix.

With a high-res waveform display that locks to beats and bars, audio or MIDI, the Oscilloscope Tool helps producers visualise the dynamics of their music and identify mix problems. You can even overlay the waveform of any other track using sidechain routing.

Oscilloscope Tool features

  • High-res waveform display.
  • Locks to beats and bars, audio or MIDI.
  • External sidechain overlay to compare any two tracks in a project.
  • Vertical Zoom.
  • 4 mono/stereo view Modes.
  • 0dB clipping indicator.
  • Freeze function.

The update is free for all existing users. New users can try ShaperBox with a free trial or purchase the ShaperBox 3 bundle with all 9 shaper effects at a discounted price of 89 USD/EUR at distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds, and from the Cableguys website.