CableGuys Curve v0.5b

CableGuys has updated their freeware VST wavetable synthesizer Curve to version 0.5b.

This new beta fixes a problem where Curve would produce strange noises when running on multicore CPUs.

Curve features

  • 3 oscillators (each of them can be set to one of four user-wavetables, sine, saw, pulse, triangle or noise)
  • 2 synced and 2 unsynced LFOs
  • Envelopes for Volume and Filter
  • 6/12/24dB-filters with cutoff and resonance
  • Draw your own wavetables
  • Drawable modulation matrixes
  • 128 note polyphony
  • automation of all parameters (except for the user-wavetable and modulation matrixes)
  • Option to render bandlimited, aliasing-free sounds (aliasing can be turned on to produce vintage digital sounds)
  • Spectrographs of the wavetables you draw
  • Snapshots of your wavetables for faster editing

Visit CableGuys for more information and a link to download Curve v0.5b, additional presets and demo mp3s.