Cableguys has announced an update to its ShaperBox 3 multi-effect, HalfTime creative half-speed effect and Kickstart 2 sidechaining plugin.

The plugins now feature native Apple Silicon AAX compatibility for Pro Tools 2023.3 and above on M1 and M2 Macs.

Additionally, the Pitch parameter of ShaperBox’s NoiseShaper effect now has its own LFO and Envelope Follower, allowing users to modulate the pitch of noise samples. This is useful for creating subtle pitch variations, drawing in modulated drum tones, designing alien FX, and crafting soaring risers.

ShaperBox 3.3, HalfTime 1.1.7 and Kickstart 2.0.2 are free updates for all existing users. New users can purchase the plugins at the Cableguys store and from distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.

Fully functional free demo versions are available to try the plugins (you can only use one instance per song and you can’t save your settings).