Acustica Audio Nebula 3

CD Sound Master has released Nice EQ Free, a special free sample of its newest EQ for Acustica Audio Nebula.

This has been created from one of the very best hardware EQ’s… (hint: “There’s no need to search for A Thousand Years, the “NICE EQ” is here!!!”)

Nice EQ Free for Nebula, consists of two programs: “NiceSSFree” and “NiceTubeFree”. You will find these in your Nebula “EQU” category.

We hope that you enjoy Nice EQ Free and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Nice EQ Free features

  • Two completely unique high voltage, ultra-high quality signal paths: a Solid State device “NiceSSFree” and it is a Vacuum Tube device “NiceTubeFree”.
  • Sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula3 Pro.
  • Nice EQ Free provides you with the full quality of the eq, with fewer fixed frequencies, and a gain range of +/-10dB instead of +/-20dB in the full commercial version.
  • Fixed frequencies: 250Hz, 4.8kHz, 10kHz, 16kHz, 25kHz.
  • The “Q” is set to the most popular width of 1.0.

Nice EQ Free for Nebula is available as a free download. The full commercial version will be coming soon.

More information: CD Sound Master / Nice EQ Free for Nebula (direct download)