CD Sound Master has released the Q8 444X EQ/Console Combo, a library of programs for Acustica Audio Nebula Pro.

This vintage hardware with remarkable sound is inspired by one of the most perfectly preserved and rare pieces of audio history; an original Quad-Eight Electronics Film Console EQ/Mic/Line/Pre! To appreciate the sound, think everything from early film scores to Motown, to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The “Q8” represents the apex in the Electrodyne, Quad-Eight Electronics, Sphere Console, Western Electric legacy.

Q8 for Nebula features

  • 36 programs in “EQ” and “PRE” sub-categories.
  • Sampled at 96kHz and are tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula3 Pro.

The Q8 library is available to purchase for $49 USD. Previous customers pay $39 USD.

More information: CD Sound Master