Cescato Musiktechnologie has released version 2.30 b6 (Release Candidate) of Trans Computer Maschine, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Cescato Musiktechnologie Trans Computer Maschine

Trans Computer Maschine is a Semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer, firstly modelled after two legendary synths and a custom analogue sequencer from Germany.

Changes in Trans Computer Maschine v2.30 beta 6

  • Fixed Sequencer buttons ‘toggling’ not responding to first MIDI messages.
  • Fixed Sequencer rows ‘presets’ lost after loading or copying to patch 1.
  • Fixed typed input validation not working when last value was set to 0.
  • Added double triggered ‘Seq Gate’ to Envelopes gate sources (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added ‘KBD Gate’ to Envelopes auto-enabled when sequencer is not started (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added ‘LFO’ activity indicator (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added ‘Lower’ range extender to Oscillators frequency modulation sources (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added Oscillators patch change ‘KBD Memory’ enabler/disabler (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added Patch selection GUI controls (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Added selection displays for expanded ‘Filter’ modulation destinations (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed at last un-synced ‘LFO’ frequency messed up after patch change (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed Oscillators ‘Low F’ switches not working with ‘Seq In’ enabled (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed Sequencer active ‘LED’ shift after it was stopped (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed Sequencer reset shift in ‘Pendulum’ modes (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed Sequencer ‘Set’ buttons shift when gating via Synth Channel (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed Sequencer ‘Sync’ altering ‘Tempo’ setting after patch change (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Fixed/changed S/H Mixer behaviour for ‘Expand’ sources (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Improved (further) ‘LFO’ phase-alignment with sequencer stepping (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Improved modulation at audio rates (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Improved ‘Noise Colour’ modulation and added S/H signal source (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Improved Sequencer sync for varying tempo use (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Improved stepped response for ‘Interval’ and ‘Transpose’ Sequencer knobs (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Renamed some parameters and updated GUI (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Replaced Sequencer ‘Transpose’ values with selectable octave ranges (v2.30 beta 5).
  • Revised and optimized code (v2.30 beta 5).

The new public beta is available as a free download for Windows (VST) in exchange for a Facebook like.

More information: Cescato Musiktechnologie