Resonance Sound has announced a sale on selected CFA-Sound plugins and sound packs in celebration of its 9th anniversary.

Resonance Sound CFA Sound 9th anniversary

On the 2nd of february this year, CFA-Sound turns 9 years old. We`re very thankful for all the support & feedback in the hole time, helping us to improve our products and style.

Within these 9 years a lot of artists using our sounds, in many products and daw`s you can also find sounds by CFA-Sound. And we`re very happy to had been able to deliver for many of you, the persons who creating the best art in the world – music – sounds, tools and inspiration to create your tracks and music.

To celebrate this, our 5 best-selling products over the 9 years will be available for a huge discount of 50% till 10th february.

CFA-Sound Sale

  • GRIP Valve Drive Compressor, a powerful dynamic processor, which delivers compression with character! The hybrid design features an accurate emulation of legendary german vintage tubes of the 1960s and a modern VCA compressor workhorse. Together they create a powerful fusion of both worlds – vintage and modern at once.
  • Essential Deep House Sylenth1 Presets, 94 fist-class patches for the probably most used synthesizer in the EDM scene with dark and booming basses, creamy chords, driving lead and plucks sounds, together with lush pads and sequences – this package makes an essential library for every house producer.
  • TITAN-1 Xfer Serum Presets, the latest arsenal of fresh and hard hitting EDM sounds from the CFA-Sound lab for Xfer`s new monster synth – Serum.
  • Massive Complextro Tools, a powerful arsenal of 63 top-notch presets: hard & dirty basses, big lead sounds and more + 80 MIDI Files.
  • Thrillogy-1 – Push your Virus TI to the maximum with the CFA-Sound Thrillogy-1 soundset – 128 patches of heavy inspiring, absolutely suitable and top-notch quality.

The sale ends February 10th, 2017.

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