Isotonik Studios has released the Chance TEN pack, a set of simple Max for Live devices based on probability and randomness, inspired by the scripts used by Brian Eno.

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Parameter

When LDM Design’s Daniel wanted to create a new range of Max for Live devices, the inspiration came from the legend that is Brian Eno speaking about probability on Youtube.

With inspiration in mind, Daniel set about creating a range of ten Max for Live devices with probability as the running theme, packaged together as the Chance TEN Pack. There’s an additional bonus device in the Velocity Sequencer (which doesn’t work on probability by actuality and was too cool not to include).

The pack includes devices that can be used to control or trigger parameters in Ableton Live and others that deal exclusive with transforming MIDI. The complete range can be used on their own or chained together for even more probable randomness.

The Chance TEN pack is available for £21.99 GBP/27 EUR/$32 USD excluding VAT.

More information: Isotonik Studios

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Velocity Sequencer

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Play

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Note

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN MIDI Panner

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Drillz

Isotonik Studios Chance TEN Alt Notes