Channel Robot has announced the release of Shapiro 2, an 8-oscillator synthesizer instrument that offers a different approach to sound-generation.

Channel Robot Shapiro 2

Shapiro 2 uses oscillators in matched pairs and allows you to modulate the output in a range of different ways.

Outputs from the oscillator-pairs passes through their own dynamic “shaping” processes. First is an FM shaper – this isn’t FM synthesis, instead its using a sine wave to shape the timbral output of the oscillator pairs. Next is a “classic” Wave Shaper, this is followed by our one-of-a-kind Field processor, that uses impulse responses in a convolution engine to move the timbre of the output. Finally there is a dedicated multi-mode filter section.

The output of all four voices is then combined and passed through the comprehensive effects section, then into a legato system derived from our work on orchestral ROMplers.

Shapiro 2 allows an unprecedented control over where and when modulation can be applied, and the shape the modulation takes, to give you shifting and changing audio output. Modulators include Envelopes, User-drawn LFOs, variable-step and tempo Gates, Sample & Hold, Keyboard and Velocity.

Shapiro 2 also includes a per-voice arpeggiator, extensive CC control management and MPE support, and a randomization and morphing system.

The synth is available in VST and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac. It is on sale for the intro price of $50 USD for a limited time (regular $75 USD).

More information: Channel Robot