Channel Robot has introduced a new waveshaping synthesizer instrument.

Shapiro is a five oscillator synth, offering a different approach to sound-generation, using oscillators in matched pairs and allowing you to cross-fade between them, as well as providing an additional standalone sub-oscillator.

Channel Robot Shapiro

Outputs from the oscillator-pairs passes through its own Wave Shaper, which you can control with an envelope – and on into a dedicated filter section.

The output of all three voices is then combined and passed through the effects section, then through our “Drift” analog-tuning emulation engine and into a legato system derived from our work on orchestral ROMplers.

Shapiro allows an unprecedented control over where and when modulation can be applied, many controls have independent Note Velocity and Sample & Hold modulation sources you can select. You can use Note Velocity to set the voice volume, set the mix of the oscillators, set the amount of drive into the Wave Shaper and set the Filter Frequency, you can apply Sample & Hold to voice volume, mix, shape amount and filter frequency. Some of these are pretty standard but some are unique and give Shapiro a huge amount of playability and control. Many controls also have a dedicated stepmodulator, more on this later.

Shapiro comes with an Arpeggiator and a page to allow you to set up unique -macro-like CC message assignments.

Shapiro includes 100 presets. The synth is available in VST and AU plugin formats and standalone software for Window sand Mac. It costs £25 GBP.

More information: Channel Robot