Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on Cherry Audio in celebration of over 1000 modules having been published and released for the Voltage Modular virtual synthesizer platform.

Crafted by dozens of clever developers, and used by over 200,000 Voltage Modular users, we’d like thank all of you for supporting the Voltage Modular platform for almost three years. Now that’s cause for celebration!

We’ve got a fantastic celebration in store! Through the month of June, deep discounts are available on Voltage Modular, along with some exciting new module announcements. Let’s get to it!

Voltage Modular Core and Ignite are 50% off, while the Voltage Modular Nucleus remains FREE for the foreseeable future. Plus, most all Cherry Audio and Cherry Audio/MRB Bundles are on sale as well.

The offers are available at Cherry Audio and from distributor Plugin Boutique.