Cherry Audio has announced the launch of a new series of preset packs featuring professionally-crafted sounds for individual Cherry Audio virtual synthesizer instruments.

From powerful leads and emotional pads, to ethereal strings and catchy synths, you’ll find everything you need to take your sounds to the next level. In addition to being affordable, Preset Packs offer users an easy way to find just the right sound for their music production needs. Once purchased, Preset Packs are automatically added to the preset browser as a new collection to your presets.

Finding your perfect sound has never been more effortless! Whether you’re a musician looking for inspiration or an experienced producer seeking that extra edge, Cherry Audio Preset Packs give you a jumpstart on creating something fresh and new.

The first two packs are available for the Elka-X Synthex emulation and Mercury-6 recreation of Roland’s Jupiter-6 analog synth.

  • Retro Waves for Elka-X features 100 retro-futuristic sounds created by director of sound design James Terris. The collection takes inspiration from the darker side of synthwave, where analog and digital collide to create a unique and compelling sonic landscape. With driving arps and sequences that showcase the full potential of Elka-X’s features, Retro Waves will transport you to a world of neon-lit streets, steam, and a darker future that never was.
  • Snow Angel for Mercury-6 contains dreamy presets from the talented I AM SNOW ANGEL (Julie Kathryn). Drawing from the pop styles of the mid to late ’80s, this pack includes a stunning range of 100 presets designed to awaken the creative wonder within you. This collection is a treasure trove for any music producer looking to create something both nostalgic and new. Lose yourself in the compelling melodies and enchanting sounds of Snow Angel, and let your imagination take flight.

The sound packs are available to purchase for $9.99 USD each.

More information: Cherry Audio