Cherry Audio has announced the release of some new modules for its Voltage Modular virtual synthesizer.

The new Lyrinx Filter precisely replicates the unique Voltage-Controlled Formant Filter of the super rare Synton Syrinx synthesizer.

Consisting of two bandpass and one lowpass filter with multiple routing configurations, it excels at creating unique vocal-like timbres and includes extensive CV capabilities. This let’s you easily create “funky talking” synth sounds. Lyrinx is super easy to use and capable of a wide array of timbres.

One of the most compelling features of the Moog Polymoog Synthesizer is its “resonators” section. The new Vintage Resonator is a clone of this imposing synth’s “resonators” section.

Described as a parametric EQ-on-steroids, the resonators section consists of three state-variable filters in a parallel configuration, each operating in a chunk of the frequency spectrum.

To address the Polymoog’s two major shortcomings (filter slopes too shallow and cutoff frequencies are not CV controllable), the Vintage Resonator includes a built-in 12/24 db slope selector, as well as bipolar CV inputs for each filter cutoff frequency, which allows for killer phaser-ish swept sounds.

The new Allpass Filter alters the phase of a user-definable area of frequencies. In action, the Allpass Filter creates the classic swooshing sound of phaser effects by continuously varying its center frequency.

Create Frankenstein modular phaser effects. In addition to its frequency and width controls, it includes a bipolar CV input for frequency modulation – plug in an LFO to sweep the frequency and create your own swooshery. Read more about the Allpass Filter.

Lyrinx Filter and Vintage Resonator are available for purchase for $15 USD each. Existing owners of Voltage Modular Core will find the new Allpass Filter module FREE in their library.

Furthermore, Voltage Modular has been updated to version 1.3.15.

The update comes with new interface preferences “Delay Play Trigger and Gate Until Measure Boundary”. When activated, hit play in your DAW and Voltage Modular will wait until the start of a measure before sending the Play trigger.‎ Also, the Module Designer will now compile properly when JDK 12 and above is installed.

More information: Cherry Audio