Cherry Audio has announced the release of Poly Stereo Spread and Poly Quantizer, two new modules for the Voltage modular system.

Poly Quantizer is a polyphonic version of our Quantizer module. It features lots of built-in scales, and the ability to easily create custom scales, too.

Poly Stereo Spread is a module designed to automatically pan polyphonic voices around the stereo spectrum. It’s fantastic when used in conjunction with the Poly Unison module, as each voice is panned to a different stereo location. You can also replicate the stereo panning features of classic polyphonic synthesizers like the Oberheim OB-8, where each voice in a chord could be panned to a different stereo location. The stereo width can be modulated with control voltage, along with the overall stereo balance.

The new modules are available to Voltage Core users. The release brings the total of modules of Voltage Modular Core + Misfit Audio Electro Drums to 102.

Also available are two new modules from PSP Audioware.

The PSP nitroFreqShifter is an emulation of the classic bode frequency shifter, which alters the frequency spectrum of incoming audio for subtle to mind bending modulation and metallic sounds. This module costs $25 USD and is included in the PSP nitroModular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

PSP Spectra is a new free module. The 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer features 30 bar meters. An essential tool for any studio setup, its wide range of parameters enables easy customization for numerous applications.

Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums is available for the intro price of $99 USD. The offer has been extended through July 31st.

More information: Cherry Audio