Chris Wolfe releases Jasuto

Chris Wolfe Jasuto

Chris Wolfe has released Jasuto, a modular synth for iPhone and VST.

Jasuto is very flexible in terms of synthesis techniques. You can achieve additive, subtractive, FM/PM/AM and even hard-sync synthesis all pretty easily.

Both the synth and all the parameters are in one object called a scene.

A scene is made up of nodes, these are the objects that do the processing and what you directly manipulate to make, modify or otherwise bend the sound.

Jasuto will initially be available from the iTunes App Store for $1 USD. The Mac and Windows VST versions have no iPhone or Midi support yet, and you should expect plenty of bugs, but it is available as a free download.

Jasuto is still under pretty heavy development, so it will be improving/changing quite often. Feedback will certainly have an influence over the development direction.

Visit the Jasuto website for more information.

Link via CDM

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I bought this app yesterday and downloaded the Mac version too. The Mac one is too buggy for words at the moment, but the iPhone version is brilliant – really good fun and inspiring even in this early stage; it works very much like a Reactable (not that I’ve ever used one of them, but from videos I’ve seen this uses more or less the same idea of placing and moving nodes on a surface), but with this app you get the bonus of a step sequencer and a keyboard too. Highly recommended, especially for 59p – I can’t wait… Read more »


No worries – thank you for the great blog! It’s rapidly become one of my favourites. You’ve pointed me to a load of great free stuff I’d never have found otherwise (those pyjaman Pluggo VSTs, for example!)