Christian Budde Fast Multiband Compressor

Christian Budde has released Fast Multiband Compressor, a lightweight multiband compressor based on Christian’s Fast Soft Knee Compressor and a set of linkwitz-riley filters.

Fast Multiband Compressor features

  • Lightweight multiband compressor.
  • Second order linkwitz-riley crossover filter.
  • Continuous and consistent characteristic.
  • Fully adjustable soft knee in dB (as margin below the threshold).
  • Mathematically optimised (using three psychoacoustical evaluated approximation functions).
  • Open source (as part of the Delphi ASIO & VST open soure project).
  • Manual.

Christian has also released updated version of the Fast Soft Knee Compressor, Limiter and Gate plug-ins, which have some minor bugs fixed and now include a manual.

The plug-ins are available as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit Christian Budde for more information.