Christian Knufinke SIR2

Christian Knufinke has released new public beta versions (Windows and Mac) of SIR2, the easy to use native audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation.

The new installer for Windows includes a 32-bit and a 64-bit binary of SIR2.

This is a service for all regular purchasers of SIR2, and those who want to get a picture of the current 64bit support. The beta has the normal demo restrictions until a SIR2 license is purchased. After some intial tests the software seems to be stable but there is no guarantee that this beta-version is 100% free of bugs. When the testing-period is over, an official 64-bit version will be released!

Changes in SIR2 beta3.123 (Win) /beta3.124 (Mac)

  • Triangle envelope functionality.
  • Finer Pre-delay adjustment.
  • Search functionality, if impulse file not found.
  • Ability to store EQ-presets (right mouse-click into EQ-Envelope).
  • Improved project-portability between different workstations. (relative filename will be stored too, so if the default impulse-response location is different, the IR will be found) Please note: to use this function, the project has once to be saved with this new version.
  • Support for “ctrl+mouse click”, for one-button mouse macs.
  • New look.

Visit Christian Knufinke for more information.