Christian Knufinke SIR2

Christian Knufinke has released SIR2, is an easy to use native audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation.

SIR2 offers zero-latency processing with low CPU-consumption and non-destructive audio processing of impulse responses.

SIR2 features

  • Zero latency processing
  • Includes Pinguin‘s High Definition Impulse Responses
  • “True Stereo” processing (a stereo convolution takes place for every source channel (left + right))
  • High-quality internal sample rate converting
  • separate dry/wet control (-60db .. +20dB)
  • Auto-gain
  • free non-destructive amplitude envelope
  • free non-destructive filter envelope
  • Predelay (0ms – 2000ms)
  • Stretch control (high quality resampling)
  • Forward / reverse switch
  • Stereo In / Stereo IR Control
  • preset-managing
  • linear phase FFT-EQ
  • signal routing options
  • HDIR-Direct On/Off switch
  • imports WAV, AIF, FLAC, BWS, OGG file formats

A demo is available for download. The demo limitation is a periodic bell sound which will start every 10 seconds. The Impulse Responses “Recording Studio” and “Theatre” are disabled in demo mode.

SIR2 has a MSRP of 149 Euro, which includes 4 Pinguin high quality impulse responses. A Pinguin HDIR Extra Package including 12 additional high quality impulse responses for SIR2 is available for 129 Euro and a bundle can be purchased for 239 Euro (save 39 Euro).

Visit Christian Knufinke for more information and audio samples.