W.A. Production has announced the release of its new “What About” series sound pack Cinematic Horror Sounds & FX, a collection of loops, samples and MIDI files to help you build some tension in your projects.

The right music and FX are an essential component of any horror film or show. Building tension and foreshadowing disaster, the soundscape found in these productions can be the difference between scary and corny, suspenseful and predictable, and exciting and lame.

Whether you need to create sounds for the next Stranger Things or if your music brand is just dark and demented, the sounds found in What About: Cinematic Horror Sounds & FX from W.A. Production will become an essential piece of your production arsenal.

Cinematic Horror Sounds & FX includes:

  • 30 Drones.
  • 40 Impacts.
  • 20 Pads.
  • 30 Electronic Melody Loops.
  • 46 Orchestral Melody Loops.
  • 34 MIDI Loops.
  • 40 Percussion One Shots.
  • 60 SFX.
  • 20 SoundScapes.

Regularly $19.90 USD, the sample pack is on sale for $8 USD for a limited time.

More information: W.A. Production