Cinematique Instruments has released its February freebie Frozen Pan, a Kontakt instrument library featuring the magical overtones of a sustained handpan.

Handpans have magical overtones that enchanted us. Since we made one for CI, we kept wanting to find out what else is possible using this sound, and for the Frozen Pan, we found two new beautiful facets of the handpan: Give it a slow attack for a brushed and mellow feeling, enrich it with a sustained sound we made using a frozen handpan sample, or combine and tweak both to create your own enchanting sounds.

Also available are two recent kalimba instruments. Crushed Kalimba brings the sizzling noise that is like hearing a campfire and a kalimba at the same time.

Warm crackling and organic noise – and it all came from the tubes of an old tape echo, from vintage artefacts and defective hi-fi equipment. The basic sound of all this gloriousness comes from the coconut kalimba, borrowed from the big kalimba collection of Cinematique Instruments’ big brother.

Kalimba De Luxe offers up the Sunflower Kalimba with tape echoes, slow attack, soft sound and chorus to give you enough possibilities to get an inspiring kalimba.

The kalimba libaries for Kontakt are priced 8 EUR each.

More information: KLANG