Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Cinematique Instruments’ fascinating Kontakt library Melt, which allows you to create highly complex sounds, ambiences and textures in an extremely easy way.

You are able to blend between 4 of MELT’s beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and thus create unique, interesting and inspiring sounds.

MELT´s sound sources come from different areas, which are named Pure, Floating, Organic, Field Recording and Granular. In summary it is a complex arsenal of sounds and sources which provides, on the one hand, numerous sounds and instruments of our own library such as organs, synths, e-pianos, pads and resampled sounds of the legendary downbeat box and on the other hand specially processed sounds, field recordings and finally sounds created by granular synthesis and freeze functions.

This collection is already unique, but in the mixture among each other, it results in highly complex, novel and interesting sound structures.

Melt features

  • Blending between 4 sound layers via XY pad.
  • Creation of complex sound structures in an extremely simple way.
  • 9 sound shaping effects plus 8-step sequencer per instrument.
  • Freeze Mode for global application of all 9 sound shaping effects.
  • Ratio table per instrument to adjust the cursor relation.
  • 64 inspiring sound sources: 21 ambiences & textures, 16 field recordings, 8 organs and electric pianos, 5 pure synths, 10 organic sounds like guitars and 4 string sounds.
  • Over 120 presets: Basic Sounds, Calm and Quiet, Synthetic, Organic Pieces, Ambiances, Strings, Complex Melts, Ambients, Wide and Open, Shorts, Rhythmic, Experimental.
  • One complex patch including 64 sounds and about 120 presets.

Melt is on sale for 92 EUR / $96 USD until August 14th, 2022. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher.

More information: Cinematique Instruments