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Cinematique Instruments releases Bowed Psaltery

Cinematique Instruments Bowed Psaltery

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Bowed Psaltery, a new sample library for Kontakt.

Description: A BOWED PSALTERY is a stringed musical instrument of the zither family such as a kind of a wooden soundbox with unstopped strings over it, that is played with a bow. The Bowed Psaltery is triangular in shape, allowing each string to extend a little farther than the one before it, so that each can be individually bowed – only one note at a time.

Content: We recorded every second string of the Bowed Psaltery in different modes: sustain notes as seperate up and downbow stroke variations, short (app. 3sek.) as well as staccato bowed notes in 4 times Round Robin and tremolo notes. Beyond that we recorded “slow – tremolo” loops and noises and scratches made with the bow. All these loops are tempo-synced. You might like to use these loops as ostinato backgrounds for your music. We programmed a couple of opportunities the instruments provide by using the modwheel or the surface of Kontakt.

Bowed Psaltery features

  • Bowed Psaltery MW — sustain notes as seperate up and downbow stroke variations, looped, additional release notes, modwheel controls dynamic.
  • Bowed Psaltery Shrt — Short notes in 4 times Round Robin.
  • Bowed Psaltery Stacc MW — Staccato notes in 4 times Round Robin, modwheel affects the dynamic from gentle to hard staccato.
  • Bowed Psaltery Stacc MW Arp — see above, arpeggiator script with 12 presets.
  • Bowed Psaltery Tremolo — Tremolo notes, looped, additional release notes, modwheel controls dynamic, controlling amount of reverb.
  • Bowed Psaltery FX — processed long notes, pad-like.
  • Bowed Psaltery KEY — multi patch contains sustain, short and staccato notes, switchable by key.
  • Bowed Psaltery Loops — ”slow – tremolo” (ostinato) loops, noises and scratches made with the bow, tempo-synced, controlling.

Bowed Psaltery for Kontakt (Kontakt 3 or higher full retail versions required) is available for download for 19 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Bowed Psaltery

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Musical instrument accessories
Musical instrument accessories
10 years ago

I am glad to hear that not only are old instruments coming back from ancient times, but also new instruments are being created. Music is beautiful and it is because of the sound the instruments make that makes it that way.