Cinesamples Deep Percussion Beds

Cinesamples has announced the release of Deep Percussion Beds, a Kontakt sample library featuring epic and emotional percussion loops for the film, tv and game composer.

Percussion loop libraries have been, and will continue to be, a necessary tool for composers on the go. They can transform a cue into something completely different with just a few clicks and one pass on the keyboard.

We decided to have a go at an orchestral percussion loop library, but of course in the cinesamples way. We noticed many incredibly bombastic, active and gigantic sounding loop libraries yet we weren’t able to find a loop library suitable for the other moments we are called on to score. A dialogue scene with underlying tension, or the quieter moments before all hell breaks loose, a troubling flashback to a long forgotten memory, or a scene where the director says “I think the music is saying too much here, perhaps we don’t need music till the next part. Yes, the music needs to say much less or nothing at all (the editor nods his head in firm agreement).”

Deep Percussion Beds features

  • Massive 9GB library which uses a combination of Cinesamples’ live elements, private libraries and previously recorded materials.
  • 50 Loop Suites, each loop suite is made up of 3 variations (A/B/C) and a Coda ending.
  • Each Variation grows organically as a piece of music would, variation B being slightly more complex, and variation C being more so.
  • Within each variation you will find the groups/stems which make up the loop to be mapped to Kontakt also. Allowing you to choose either the full mix of each variation or the building blocks.
  • The Tempo Syncing Engine in Kontakt was stretched to the limit – allowing you to use each loop at a wide variety of tempi. Each stem was painstakingly sliced by hand at multiple tempi allowing flexibility that the far surpasses the native time stretching engine.
  • Also included in the GUI are reverb controls, EQ controls and Compression Controls.

Deep Percussion Beds for Kontakt (requires Kontakt 4.1+ full version) is now available to purchase for $149 USD.

More information: Cinesamples / Deep Percussion Beds