CineSamples CineHarp Glissandi

CineSamples has released CineHarp Glissandi, one of the most comprehensive harp glissandi sample libraries available today.

CineHarp Glissandi offers composers over 900 unique glissandi choices programmed in easilly accessible patches, in Gigastudio 3.0, Kontakt 2, and EXS24 formats.

CineHarp Glissandi features

  • Five scale tunings in all keys: Major, Harmonic Minor, Whole Tone, Diminished Scale, Half Diminished
  • Each scale tuning was sampled in a variety of glissandi styles with mod wheel controlling the length of glissando: Straight Up (Short, Medium, Long), Straight Down (Long), Swirled Up (Short, Medium, Long), Ad Lib (Gentle up/down, Swirly, w/ nail)
  • Each glissandi style was sampled in forte and piano dynamics, controlled by velocity
  • Over 900 samples, 44.1k/24-bit (Gigastudio 3.0, Kontakt 2, and EXS24)

CineHarp Glissandi is available for download and costs $79.95 USD.

Visit CineSamples for more information.