Loopmasters has launched Cinetools EON, a new cinematic sample library of designed sounds and designer tools, featuring over 20GB of organic soundscapes and field recordings.

Atmospheres and Backgrounds are the main parts of compositions and more so, decide the mood of your projects. Other elements are fundamental and must be found in every project, but everyone knows that the atmosphere is the backbone that reflects the emotions. If you are working on a horror project you have to make things get creepier and creepier so you need to use something dark and gloomy as a background in the base. Or if it’s a war theme project you need to find some battlefield ambiences as a background to give the audience that feeling. In this new adventure, we are here to support you with all the atmospheric elements whatever way you may need. SO set your imagination to discover new inspirations with EON and start to design your own magical universe with us!

Cinetools proudly present EON; featuring over 21GB of organic soundscapes, evolving and epic battle drones, deep and mysterious ambiences, tense dreamscapes, robotic drones, paranormal atmospheres, science-fictional backgrounds, organic textures and a vast selection of stingers. It’s time to fill all the gaps in your production with undiscovered elements!

This gorgeous collection offers a wide range of inspirational material and contains a huge choice of extraordinary field recording and nature sounds, rain and thunderstorms, forest ambiences, waterfalls, streaming rivers, brooks and creeks, seashores and surfing waves, nature footsteps, environmental sounds, textured field recordings and tonal layers for sound designers who work on films, documentaries or video games and any other modern music productions.

EON features

  • 21.6 GB content, 1,000 files (24-bit/96kHz).
  • 462 Designed Soundscapes.
  • 126 Action & Sci-Fi.
  • 25 Dramatic & Adventurous.
  • 27 Mind Twisting.
  • 28 Otherworldly.
  • 24 Robotic & Futuristic.
  • 22 Suspenseful & Tense.
  • 116 Fantasy & Adventure.
  • 32 Dreamy.
  • 23 Magical.
  • 18 Somber.
  • 25 Spiritual.
  • 18 Strange & Supernatural.
  • 133 Horror & Thriller.
  • 25 Bizarre & Creepy.
  • 26 Cacophonies & Nightmarish.
  • 26 Dark & Scary.
  • 30 Disturbing & Anxious.
  • 26 Psychologic & Tension.
  • 87 War & Mystery.
  • 19 Dark & Gloomy.
  • 18 Epic & Majestic.
  • 26 Mournful.
  • 24 Mysterious.
  • 538 Designer Tools.
  • 144 Ambience & Field Recording.
  • 140 Drone & Tonal Layer.
  • 99 Stinger.
  • 108 Texture & Sub.
  • 47 Vocal & Instrument Phrase.

EON is available for purchase for £79.95 GBP.

More information: Cinetools / Cinetools EON