Clear Complex Transistor

Clear Complex has released Transistor, a slicer/sampler plugin to create fills from drum parts or to recreate loops and apply various effects to modulate the sound.

Clear Complex features

  • 16 step sequencer for modulating effects.
  • 7 effects with a total of 9 controls: Realtime slicer/sampler, Level, Pan, Distortion, Lowpass filter, Highpass filter, and Reversing.
  • Each control has 4 patterns with 4 subpatterns with seperate startpositions and lengths.
  • Each subpattern is triggered by a MIDI-note you choose.
  • Automatable global controls for modulating the pattern.

Transistor for Windows (VST) is available now for 89 EUR / $129 USD / £65 GBP.

A demo version with the following limitations is available for download:

  1. Only works on the first bar of a project.
  2. After 20 minutes continuous play you must restart the sequencer.
  3. Preset saving is disabled.

Visit Clear Complex for more information.